The Brain Base: Test

The Brain Base: Test

The Brain Base: Test is a supplementary test app designed to be used with The Brain Base: Administrator. This tool represents a method of evaluating injured athletes for concussion. This test is designed to be used as a tool to assess any cognitive impairment of an athlete.

The Brain Base as the name implies is a method of using a series of questions to establish,cognitively, where a person is at a certain time and place. As with some concussion question protocols, the evaluators may change from baseline to injury evaluation, along with the environment; in a game situation, the evaluator may speed up the questions, not give the same amount of time for the answers, or may be a completely different person. Using the Brain Base the method of testing will have the same pace, the same method to provide the answers each time the questions are given, and the same person asking the questions. This makes it great for comparing information gather. The Brain Base is 100% reproducible and is a great tool to consistently evaluate for concussion.


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"Three times it [concussion] happened and I was never asked any questions. The question was ‘are you OK?’ Yeah, I’m OK. Well, get back out there."
Mike Bossy, Former NHL Hockey Player for the New York Islanders