jim2Incorporated in 1998, Clover Enterprises arrived out of the needs of the sports and active community.

In education and athletics there are still some missing links. Clover Enterprises  is able to quickly see and resolve these problems. For instance, most 1st Aid, CPR, and AED training you can’t retain the information, once you left the class. Come to our classes and you will not only have a good time, but also retain the information once you leave – and have it ready for the one time you may need to use any of the skills you were taught.

Over the years, I have also provided solutions like “The Trainer’s Angel” a tool that takes the facemask off football helmets in emergency situation (Before that, there was nothing.) I’ve also worked with Cramer Products, where i created five sports medicine videos on educational needs from taping skills to knee evaluation. Then I wrote a book, “Sports Medicine Essentials,  that would provide information for all sports medicine related fields. I’ve also developed a an ACL prevention program that was fun: Pop goes the ACL (an ACL prevention dance) that you can see on my YouTube channel. Our latest resource involves concussion recognition. Available on the app store, it is called  “The Brain Base” App. The one concussion test, that is the same every time.  Same pace, same person speaking, with a reaction evaluation added on.

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  • Professional Experience

    • 2015 – Present: Coordinator Riverside Medical Clinic SPORTS Clinic
    • 1981 – 2015: Coordinator, The SPORT Clinic
    • 1984 – Present: Director, The SPORT Foundation
    • 1984 – 2013: Ret.  Instructor, Riverside County Office of Education “Sports Therapy and Fitness”
    • 2007 – Present: Adjunct Professor, Cal. State San Bernardino “Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries”, “Motor Development”, “Biomechanics”, “Exercise Science Program Management”, Exercise Science Software & Legal Issues Exercise Science
    • 1998 – Present: President/Owner, Clover Enterprise Inc. “Athletic Trainer Services” Currently 30+ athletic trainers on staff at 30+ High Schools and other event coverage
    • 1999 – Present: Advisory Committee, California Interscholastic Federation for the State of California
    • 1989 – Present: Coordinator, “Practical Applications in Sports Medicine” sports medicine seminars for Athletic Trainers, Physical therapist, students and physicians
    • 1985 – Present: Coordinator, Inland Empire All-Star Football Classic”
    • 2003 – Present: Instructor “SportsmetricsTM” training program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes.
    • 1986 – Present: Master Instructor for: Medic Sports Medicine 1st Aid and CPR, Pediatric 1st Aid and CPR, Defibrillator Training, Bloodborne Pathogens and Basic 1st Aid and CPR
    • 1990 – Present: Instructor, American Coaching Effectiveness Program
    • 1994 – 1999: Chair, The NATA “Clinical, Industrial and Corporate committee”
    • 1996 – 1999: Chair, The NATA “Job Development Task Force”
    • 1996 – 1999: Chair, The NATA “Research and Education Foundation, District 8”
    • 1988 – 1998: Director, Raincross Basketball Tournament, Riverside, CA
    • 1993: Athletic Trainer, Olympic Training Camp Colorado Springs
    • 1992: Pan American Games
    • 1984: Olympic Athletic Trainer

  • Awards

    • 2016 California State University San Bernardino “Adjunct Professor of the Year”
    • 2009: “Hall of Fame” Riverside Community College
    • 2008: “Riverside Sports Hero Lifetime Achievement Award” from California Baptist University
    • 2007: National Football Foundation, Riverside County Chapter “Outstanding Contribution to Amateur Football”
    • 2004: NATA “Most Distinguishes Athletic Trainer”
    • 2004: District 8 “Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer”
    • 2001: NATA, District 8 “All District 8 Team” For the Clinical/Industrial area
    • 2000: NATA, District 8 “Special Recognition” Award
    • 1998: Coalition to Protect American Sports (CAPS), “Hall of Fame”
    • 1994: “Entrepreneur of the Year” Social Responsible Category
    • 1992: Award from Assemblymember Steve Clute, in appreciation of outstanding commitment to the youth

  • Books

    • 2004: “Sports Medicine Essentials” 2nd Edition – Cengage Learning Publishing link
    • 2001: “Sports Medicine Essentials” Thomson – Delmar Learning Publishing Inc.
    • 2000: “Clinical Athletic Training” Chapter 10 “Clinical Marketing”, Slack Incorporated
    • 2007: “Clinics in Sports Medicine” Chapter on “Marketing Ideas and Strategies for Building upon the Team Physician’s Role”

  • Publications/Videos

    • Scholastic Coach Magazine, “It Takes More than I.C.E.”
    • Emergency Medical Programs, “Sports Medicine 1st Aid”
    • Top Recruit, “What the HMO happened to Healthcare’ Column Editor
    • Top Recruit, “Protecting Your Ankles” Column Editor
    • Top Recruit, “Creatine, Two Perspectives”
    • Cramer Video, “Athletic Taping and Wrapping Techniques”
    • Cramer Video, “Ankle Injuries”
    • Cramer Video, “Knee Injuries”
    • Cramer Video, “Back Injuries”
    • Cramer Video, “Shoulder Injuries”
    • “Survey of Jobs Credentials Needed for Certified Athletic Trainers, 1996, NATA Poster Presentation
    • Sports Medicine 1st Aid, Emergency Medical Products 1990
    • “Injury Analysis of 18 High School in Southern California in the 1984 Football Season” American Fitness Quarterly
    • “Southern California High School and College S.P.O.R.T. Clinic Program”, Mueller Sports Medicine Guide, Winter 1986
    • “Athletic Resume: Cheryl Miller” National Strength and Conditioning Journal, September 1983
    • “Cybex Evaluations for High School Football”, National Strength and Conditioning Journal February 1982
    • The S.P.O.R.T.  Medicine Approach” CAPHERS Journal, November 1986

  • Inventions

    • The Trainer’s Angel
    • The R.E.D. Book (Ready Emergency Deliverance)
    • “Tape it” Clothing Line
    • Balloon-a-Tonics
    • Classroom SAC – Concussion baseline program
    • The Brain Base – App for Acute baseline testing (Admin Version  |  Test Version)

"All the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that I’ve done millions of times!"
Kobe Bryant, Professional Basketball Player for the LA Lakers of the NBA